Tune & Tone

The Tune & Tone Program was designed to introduce young artists (e.g., musicians, dancers, actors, writers, painters) to a transformative and life-changing stress reduction routine. One of the challenges young artists face is that many consider themselves “multi-potentialites” with various degrees of innate talent and ambition toward multiple art forms as well as other intellectual disciplines. This can create a sense of intense insecurity and unease within the self which may worsen into depression and/or anxiety and can manifest with a variety of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Often times, what artists need is to feel more grounded and centered in order to:

  • balance the left and right brain
  • harness a range of emotional energies without being thrown off kilter
  • express suppressed feelings in a way that isn’t tied directly to their career as an artist
  • bring mindfulness to the art of the body through a daily physical practice

To address these needs in a holistic way, we have designed classes based on music and mood. In doing so, we are committed to helping artists channel their creative energy in a healthy way – using yoga and music as therapeutic healing tool as well as a physical fitness regimen.

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